Welcome! Save the Date: Saturday, Oct. 1st

Hello friends near and far,

I hope you’re well and that your summer has been filled with less bug bites than mine has so far.

As some of you know from my gushing–or whining, depending how hot it was the day I had to run–I am running in the New York City Marathon on November 6th!

This is quickly proving to be a lot harder than a means to eat as many Peter Pan Donuts as I want after the race. Fortunately, my running is fueled by a fundraiser I’m doing in honor of my dear friend and probably yours, Sam Danner.

Sam was biking home from work in Charleston earlier this year and hit by a drunk driver. Sam was badly injured and had to have almost immediate surgery on his knee. The driver didn’t have insurance, and neither did Sam. He now faces over $30,000 in medical bills, and his recovery has been slowed because he simply hasn’t been able to afford the cost of rehab.

I’ve known Sam for over 5 years, having worked together first at Press Here Publicity and then at 7-10 Music, but will always think of him first and foremost as one of the most compassionate, kind, cheerful, and clever people to grace this earth. He’s the kind of friend who calls to check in on you if he hasn’t heard from you in a couple weeks, and tells the dirty jokes you always wish you could have thought of.

In honor of this special Southerner, I’m putting together a Southern-themed cook-off/fundraiser the first weekend of October.

Come sample some of Brooklyn’s best cooks’ offerings, drink some beer, and then cast your vote for your favorite to win! Ticket price includes entry and food, and you’re welcome to bring your own drinks.

Southern Twang Cook-Off & Fundraiser
Saturday, October 1st
4-7PM (Judging at 5:30PM)
684 Leonard Street (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
Tickets: $25 At Door (It’s BYOB!)

** 100% of proceeds go to Sam ** 

If you would like to compete or help out in some other way, please let me know! You can also make a donation here.

All are welcome, so please spread the word! Thanks for your love and support!